Nanny Interview Tips


  1. Choosing and employing the right Nanny to care for a precious baby or child (ren) in your home is far more personal and one of the biggest decisions a parent can make so in the interest of a families happiness, this cannot be rushed. 

  2. Never without a 2nd interview employ a permanent Nanny or accept a Nanny job and book within 4 days of a 1st interview.

  3. Discuss points by voice and not by text or email so for both hear reactions and comments.

  4. We offer more tips in our printed brochure and a few questions considered fair a parent can ask a Nanny in an interview because they will have sole charge care of their child.

Telephone 1st Interview - allow 20 minutes and discuss points clearly and not too fast.

1st Face to Face Interview - allow up to 60 minutes for and discuss with a degree of flexibility to see if you have similar views.


  1. This is best in the family home without curious children usually midweek after 7 pm when they are in bed.

  2. After both parties should think about the discussion overnight and then the next morning or within 2 days a parent should:

  • Telephone the Nanny if they wish to proceed to the 2nd interview as a Nanny will be keen to know if they are shortlisted to meet the Child (ren).

  • Email (cc LMM) the Nanny within a thank-you for their time but are not offering a 2nd interview (cc LMM in) with or without further explanation

  • Email still considering them for 2nd interview and email again every 2 days until decide.

A Nanny can choose by email to politely not accept a 2nd interview or job offer in which case concentrate on other Nannies keen on your Nanny Job vacancy.

2nd Face to Face Interview - unpaid for about 2 hours


  1. This is best at the weekend during the day so the Child (ren) can spend time talking, colour pictures with the Nanny and show the Nanny their bedroom, toys, garden, pet, play areas and for all adults to get to know each other. ​

  2. This gives a parent opportunity to see how a Nanny communicates with each Child and if interact in a calm, fair and happy manner a parent is happy with.

  3. A Nanny also likes to feel a family’s 1st choice Nanny so do offer a Nanny job by voice ideally within 3 days of a 2nd interview.  For 35 years it was my (Debbie) responsibility to telephone a Nanny with and I loved hearing their joy to accept, now, parents will feel reassured to hear to.