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A Parents' decision to consider a Childcarer is often made in the opening interview minutes as a huge proportion rests in:


  • How a Childcarer speaks, interview dresses, and if interacts professionally with all the family. 

  • Telephone calls and face-to-face interviews are all a Childcarer has to convince a Parent they are the Childcarer they want to employ. 

  • So when you get an interview, turn up on time and be friendly but business-like.


If you are unavoidably delayed getting to or need to cancel or postpone the interview telephone with an apology to a Parent as soon as possible.In the era of Facebook and WhatsApp groups if a Childcarer agrees to an interview it is very unprofessional and unwise not to turn up and Parents speak to other

Parents should always rigorously question them about the length of their Childcare Qualification training and Childcare work experience. 


Reference checks by a new potential Employer are essential:

Do not accept just accept a Childcarers's verbal assurance you are progressing to a possible job offer about their Childcare work abilities, punctuality, and reliability, and contact previous Employers to confirm their answers match what a previous Employer referee wants to say about their Childcare work and character, this is essential as Parents rarely have on-the-day backup Childcare.

Our reference checks confirm for us which Childcarers we are happy to help find work. 

The best interview processes to follow:

  • Telephone 1st Interview - allow 20 minutes to discuss the job requirements to avoid wasting time meeting if an important point arises that does not suit either. 

  • 1st Face-to-Face Interview in the family home - allow 40 - 60 minutes usually midweek after 7 pm or the weekend. We would not recommend having your Child/Children present or throughout the whole interview as neither you nor the Childcarer will concentrate properly on the contract points which need to be discussed with a degree of flexibility to see if you have similar views. Childcarers need to show the originals of their certificate and offer passport identification.

  • After every face-to-face interview think about the discussion overnight then it is essential a Parent telephones the Childcarer the next morning or within 3 days to discuss points by voice and not by text or email so both hear each other's reactions and a Parent will be reassured to hear if the Childcarer is clearly keen and delighted to know shortlisted to meet the Child (ren).  At this point the Parent will need to confirm either:

A 2nd Face-to-Face Interview is essential if you are interviewing for a permanent Nanny.


It is important for all adults in a more relaxed way to get to know each other and is unpaid for about 2 hours usually at the weekend during the day so the Child (ren) can spend time talking, coloring pictures with the Nanny, and show their bedroom, toys, garden, pet, play areas.

​Parents also have a better opportunity to see how a Nanny communicates with each Child and if interact in a fair, calm and happy manner.

If you are not offering a job or 2nd interview (cc LMM in) simply telephone or email in brief with or without further explanation to let them know with a thank-you for their time attending or to let them know you are still considering them for a 2nd interview or an evening Babysitter or temporary Nanny job offer and email again every 2 days until you decide.

A Nanny can choose by email to politely not accept a 2nd interview or job offer in which case concentrate on other Nannies keen on your Nanny Job vacancy.


For 38 years it was my (Debbie) responsibility to telephone a Nanny with a Parents' decision and I loved hearing their joy to accept.

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