Click here to view our Nanny Job Notice Board for August part and full-time 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 day week Nanny Jobs 

Please bear in mind:


  • A Temporary job is less than 12 weeks

  • None of our services introduces a 4 or 5-day Afterschool Nanny, family cook or cleaner (housekeeper), live-in Nanny or au pair.

  • Many Nannies to achieve a 40 - 50 hour full-time week will work for two separate Employers for example in a 2 day week plus a 3-day week contract.

  • As a Temporary Jobs often starts imminently the Nanny in 1st interview usually meets the Child, if offered the Employer pays PAYE Tax usually through a Tax Specialist and must do reference checks.

We offer lower Employer cost Nanny Services because 85% of Parents cannot budget above £10 Gross per hour. 

Some Parents consider employing these Nannies if pay a lower Gross per hour rate:


  1. A qualified Childcarer that has never worked as a Nanny

  2. In a NannyShare where two families that know each split the salary

  3. An experienced Nanny with good Nanny references uniquely asking to bring to work their own Child to the Employers home. 

Nanny Share 


This is where both families need to be local to each other in the main sharing the same hours met before interviewing the Nanny and with no more than 3 Children involved. The Employer PAYE Tax Allowance is split and there are two types of NannyShare contract arrangement.

Nanny with their own Child


This works like a NannyShare but easier to agree on as there is no 2nd family and the Employer Child always remains in their own home. What does not work well is a Nanny with their own Child working a 50 - 55-hour week or before 8 am starts or later than a 6 pm finish.

Many parents are concerned that their child is not given equal and priority care but in our experience, these Nannies to avoid losing a Nanny Job and good reference do their utmost daily that their Employer sees their Child happy and well cared for

Since the Nanny to work is not paying out for any Childcare costs the maximum rate LMM will assist to find Nanny work is up to £10 Gross per hour unless they do an After School Nanny contract where the rate can be School Term up to £13 Gross per hour.