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Hello and welcome Parents and Nannies,


My name is Debbie,​ in 1985 after training for 2-years as an NNEB Nursery Nurse, and a wonderful 8-year Nanny career in London Chelsea, Hampstead, Istanbul, and Canada I was government-licensed to run this Daily Nanny Employment and Recruitment Agency. I have interviewed over 600 Nannies.

Most Nannies choose Childcare as their 1st choice career and do a minimum 1-year Childcare Qualification. 

Based in Bromley South London with 39 years of Nanny industry experience we earn our £99 service fee and put Child protection first as we offer Parents seeking a 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5-day week Nanny more peace of mind about:

  • Whom they choose - as we speak to, face-to-face interview (not Zoom), and reference-check our Nannies.

  • What the correct Nanny (and housekeeping) duties an Employer can ask a Nanny to do as Childcare Qualified people are not a mothers - help and do not want to be a whole house cleaner, cook Parent meals or iron Parent clothes.

  • The correct and fair Gross per hour rate to pay (and earn) based on the number of years a person has worked as a Nanny. 

Non - Experienced Nannies (as learning the Nanny role)  earn £12 - £15 per hour Gross or £8 - £10 per hour Net.

Experienced Nannies - earn £15 - £18 per hour Gross or £10 - £13 per hour Net.


  • It is fairest the highest rates are paid to those who have worked years as a Nanny. 

  • We have spoken to thousands of Parents to know most cannot budget to pay for an 8 - 10 hour day above £16 per hour Gross.

  • Childcarers remember the average Day Nursery worker earns £13 per hour Gross.

  • If a Parent works from home non - experienced Nannies who have only worked in a Nursery or school are ideal as used to seeing other adults.


Finding a Nanny cannot be rushed:

As this is one of the biggest decisions a Parent can make to pass across to a stranger their precious and vulnerable Baby, Child (ren), and house keys. We require an average of 4 weeks to help Parents find the right Nanny. If a Parent chooses to display a job vacancy advert:

  • On a free Facebook or community social media forum or pay an average £30 pmth (£360 per year) to an online Childcare Website Only business their baby, Child (ren), and home are put at risk as for example or bubble do not speak to, interview or reference check people (as we do) so devious and dishonest people can easily create a fake Nanny Job CV to represent their own interests usually to convince a Parent to pay them the higher Gross hourly rates. Sadly we know of minor and family life-changing serious, police and Children in hospital issues using such websites which are only run by impersonal computer code algorithms in effect a 21st-century sweet shop notice board.  

  • These websites allow unvetted people to unrealistically and unfairly ask rates higher than a Nurse or Teacher earns so now rates above £17 per hour Gross have become unaffordable to 90% of Parents and there are fewer 4 -5 day week jobs. The Nanny industry is changing and not for the better.

  • Nannies are unhappy using as too often contract and housekeeping duties are negotiated by Parents incorrectly and not within UK Employment Law, for example, a Nanny cannot be self-employed and the Employer as in any other career is responsible for deducting and declaring on all the agreed Gross earnings their PAYE Tax and Employee National Insurance to HMRC. Honest Nannies will insist on.

We offer Childcare-qualified and/or Childcare work-experienced Childcarers who are realistic in the Gross per hour rate they expect a free find-a-job service. Great Nannies we have known and placed for years often tell us upset they do not feel safe advertising themselves online to receive texts from strangers. At 8 pm one went for an interview into a Dulwich house and a couple said they had no Children and offered unsavory work.

Most Nannies we speak to seek:

  • 4 - 5 days work Monday to Friday with a minimum 1-year contract.

  • To gain income stability as also have a mortgage or rent to pay.

  • Set 8 - 10 hours work a day between 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.

  • Will do a 2 or 3-day week on different days for two families to achieve a 38 -50 hour week income.​​

Most Parents tell us they prefer to use a many-year established Nanny Recruitment Agency but feel driven to use the above websites as LMM competitor Agencies continue to charge Employers £thousands to find a Nanny. For a low service fee we have made using a Nanny Agency possible AND cost-effective as if a Parent overpays by just £2 per hour Gross for a 10-hour day on a 5-day week this equates to an overpay of £100 per week (£5200 pa) or 3-day week £60 per week (£3120 pa) or 2-day week £2080 pa. We offer so much more and earn our £99 fee.

How Our £99 Service Works:

  1. We email a 5-minute form to complete that we read to check similar to our telephone discussion and if so invoice for an advance paid £99 fee.

  2. In our next office day, we display an anonymous job vacancy advert on LMM Facebook (to view jobs send a friend request to Debbie Masters Misses) and varied local to your home community social media forums. 

  3. Childcarers telephone us to apply and to save time we briefly explain the role.

  4. If we believe they may suit we telephone a Parent but only if their Gross per hour rate expectation is within that Parents confided to us maximum Gross per hour budget to explain their Childcare work experience and Gross per hour rate they aim for. 

  5. The Parent decides if they wish to face-to-face interview and if so we email that Childcarers CV Report.

  6. When we email a CV Report it states an outline of their varied Childcare experiences and against each Childcare employment job a Yes / No / Applied so Parents know which references we checked and provide the Childcarers telephone number to contact directly within 24 hours to arrange the time within 3 days of a 40-minute family interview and give their home address. The £99 fee includes 2 free CV Reports on Childcarers you ask to interview, thereafter if you need to interview more Childcarers each CV Report is £25. 


We usually email or voice phone a Parent Monday to Friday at least three times a week on our progress to help them find the right Nanny. If a job is offered to a Childcarer we introduce there is no further placement fee.

We record the number of CV Reports sent so if for any reason after paying the £99 fee, a Parent does not receive 2 free CV Reports they can return to us within 6 months to seek a Permanent or Temporary Daily Nanny or Evening Babysitter and these service terms with no registration fee are in place again until receive 2 CV Reports.

Working as a Nanny is a unique occupation so some ask to bring their own Child (one) to work - in our experience Parents only agree to a Nanny they don't know IF charged a lower per hour gross rate which is fair as the Nanny is not giving sole care to the Employer's Child or paying any Childcare costs to work unlike the Employer. The average rate paid is £13 per hour Gross and as most seek 10 - 30 hours per week in line with the PAYE Tax Allowance scenario their Net take home rate is quite high.

After School - 99 % of Nannies will not do as so few and split hours and they miss daytime caring for younger Children so at £17 - £20 per hour Gross this rate is higher.​ Nanny with their own Child the average rate paid is £15 per hour Gross.

Our story - "Once upon a time in 1985 Little Masters and Misses was born... for your families, happy ending find the right Nanny through Little Masters and Misses Nanny Agency, view our picture book of 20th and 21st Century events that includes 1998 being the first UK Nanny Agency to do a Nanny first aid course, meningitis and working as a Nanny talks plus an annual Teddy Bear Picnic in Kelsey Park Beckenham, Christmas Cake Afternoons with Nanny Christmas (Debbie) in my Croydon shop and Beckenham Civic Hall when 2005 we transferred office to Beckenham High Street for Nannies and Children we placed with.

We follow UK (GDPR) General Data Protection regulations.


  • Practice equal opportunity.

  • Treat Childcarers and Parents with respect.

  • Keep conversations confidential.

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