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Hello and welcome, my name is Debbie, 

1985 having trained as an NNEB Nursery Nurse I was government-licensed to run this traditional and caring Evening Babysitter Service today based in Bromley South London. 

We offer Parents giving us 2 weeks' notice of a required first date (s) more peace of mind about whom they choose and Childcarers a FREE and safer way to find work.

We introduce Childcare Qualified or Childcare work experienced people we have spoken to, face-to-face (not Zoom) interviewed, and reference-checked to be told are pleasant, reliable, and punctual.

We are in a unique position with a proven history of over 38 years of experience in using interview techniques that work having placed thousands of Evening Babysitters with families and can caringly and if need confidentially "voice give common sense hourly rate and duty advice" unlike an artificial intelligence data chip!

For a Parent, it is a big decision to pass across their Child and leave someone in their home.

My Top Tip as so personal is not to rush or use an online-only website/Facebook where unvetted dishonest people with an aim to overcharge can advertise a fake Childcare work CV. It is essential a family meet (interview) our bespoke selected Evening Babysitter before they start. 

Evening Babysitters need to be rate realistic and professional:

  • Aim to Babysit for each family for a minimum of 1 year as Parents naturally prefer the same Babysitter all year.

  • Pay for their own annual Childcare work Insurance, DBS check, and First Aid Course every 3 years.

  • Be rate per hour expectation realistic as we know most Parents struggle to budget with the cost to go out 2 times a month. We believe it is fairest that the rate asked for is based on the number of years a Childcarer has worked in Childcare. Most follow our advice but may say differently when meet, ultimately Parents decide the rate will pay. 

We earn our low - cost Parent service fee:

  • £50 for a 6-month registration

  • £75 for a one-year registration

  • Our final fee is £30 for the CV Report of a Childcarer we telephone a Parent to recommend who wants to face to face Interview them. We explain their Childcare work experience and the minimum hourly rate they aim for. The CV Report has the Childcarer's telephone number for a Parent to directly contact and states against each employment job a Yes, No, or Applied of which references we have checked. 

​Within their chosen registration for free Parents can register if need to get a 2nd or 3rd Babysitter because realistically a Parent cannot assume one person will be available on every date or every Saturday night they ask to do. It is best to achieve a team of 2 or 3 Babysitters and simply text all to offer a date and the first to reply can do give the booking. By having a 2/3 Babysitter Team if one cannot do a required date usually another can and also more likely at short notice. If you can be flexible text all to ask which evenings they are free and choose an evening from.  

How our service works:

  • We place an Evening Babysitter Vacancy Advert on our Facebook Debbie Masters Misses and varied community social media forums.

  • Childcarers email us to apply and any we believe may suit a family if within a Parent confided to us Gross per-hour rate budget and we have already past interviewed we telephone a Parent as above.  A Parent speaks to within 24 hours and at the end, both agree (or not) to progress within 3 days to a family 40-minute face-to-face interview which the Parent arranges and gives their home address. Once a CV Report is emailed all discussions and hourly rate agreements are between a Parent and Childcarer.

Evening Babysitter rates we advise paid from 6.30pm:

Minimum booking 3 hours.

Monday to Thursday: £12- £15 ph.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: £13 - £17 ph.

Most Evening Babysitters we speak to seek:

  • The extra income of 4 - 6 evening bookings per month so as most families only need 2/3 times per month we also introduce them to 2 or 3 families.

  • To start Monday to Friday after their daytime job from 6.30 - 7 pm and need to be finished by 11.30/12 pm.

  • few working in a school may start at 5 pm and be able to offer school holiday daytime Nanny work (agree daytime rate) support

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