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Welcome Parents and Nannies,


Hello, my name is Debbie, 1985 I was government-licensed to run this Childcarer Recruitment and Employment Agency after training as a Nursery Nurse (NNEB) and working as a Nanny for 8 wonderful years in London (Chelsea and Hampstead), Europe (France, Belgium and Istanbul), and Canada. 

Today based in Bromley South London I have interviewed over 700 Nannies who we need to be Childcare Qualified and/or Childcare Work Ecperienced, and I am the UK's longest-reigning Nanny Agency owner. 

Parents pay more to employ a Nanny to give in their home one-to-one care to their Child because they do not want given groDay Nursery or Registered Childminder group care plus want to choose and agree allowing for Nanny outing suggestions where a Nanny takes their Child. ​

If you have more than one Child this can be a convenient and cost-effective choice as an older sibling (s) get taken to School, collected, and cared for in school holidays and if sick. Plus a Nanny expects to do Child-related housekeeping duties including Children`s ironing and as the need arises clean and vacuum the Childs (ren) bedroom (s) and play areas.

Most Nannies choose Childcare as their 1st choice career and seek:

  • A minimum one-year contract.

  • Work with a Baby or under-school-age Child.

  • 4 - 5 days work Monday to Friday.

  • 38 - 50 hours per week.

  • 8 - 10  hours work per day.

  • Between 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.

  • Many work a 2 or 3 set day for two families.

Experienced Nanny - earns £16 – £20 per hour Gross.

Non Experienced Nanny - earns £14 – £16 per hour Gross.

Evening Babysitters - we advise to pay:

Monday to Thursday from £12 per hour.

Friday Saturday and Sunday from £14 per hour.

We offer Parents more peace of mind about who they choose because:


  • We Face-to-Face Interview and Reference check Childcarers first.

  • We check the Gross and Net) per hour rate they ask is fair.

  • We often save Nanny Employers £..thousands from being overcharged by non-experienced Nannies which covers extra Employer costs. Few Parents can afford to pay above £17 per hour Gross so now fewer 4 and 5-day week Nanny jobs.

Finding the right Nanny cannot be rushed:

  • As this is one of the biggest decisions a Parent can make to pass across to a stranger their vulnerable Baby, Child (ren), and house key.

  • We need 4 weeks to display an advert and gage Childcarer response from.

  • Usually within 2 - 4 weeks Family Interviews are in place.

  • Most Childcarers have 4 weeks' Employer notice to give.

  • We don't accept immediate starts as unrealistic and stressful for us to achieve.

How our service works for Parents- easy as 1.2.3:

£75 Registration Service Fee - if you seek a Daily Nanny for a 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5 day week or an Evening Babysitter.

  1. Nanny Employers 8 - 12 weeks before the ideal start date need to voice telephone us on 0208 650 3232.

  2. Then complete a 5-minute form and pay the £75 registration fee. This is un-refundable but if for any reason not one CV Report is received please return to us within 6 months and register for FREE to seek a Nanny or Evening Babysitter and these Service Terms are in place again.

  3. Next office day we prepare and display an anonymous advert on LMM Facebook (to view jobs send a friend request to Debbie Masters Misses) and adhoc in varied local to your home community social media forums.  Childcarers telephone us to apply and we briefly explain the role and check their suitability for. If we believe they may suit and their Gross rate expectation is within the Parent confided to us maximum Gross per hour rate budget we telephone a Parent to introduce. If they ask to personally interview a Final £25 Fee is paid for their CV Report that states: 

  • Parents pay a higher £18 - £25 Gross per hour rate when a Job Vacancy is less than 6 hours per day.

  • Before and/or After School hours - we only accept up to 2 days per week as few Nannies will do 3, 4 or 5 days because they miss the all day company of younger Children and dislike split hours. Childcare- Qualified people are offended and humiliated if asked to clean their Employer`s whole house, cook Parent meals, or iron Parent clothes and soon give notice. 

  • We advise it is fairest to pay the highest rates to those with decades of Nanny experience. 

  • We advise to pay Non Experienced Nanny less as they will be learning the Nanny role, if they have only worked in a Day NUrsery where the average pay is £12 - £14 phg are ideal if a Parent works from home as used to other adults around.

LMM Book picture LMM logo.jpg
  • Varied Childcare-connected experiences.

  • Reference checks we did - Yes / No / Applied against each Childcare job.

  • Childcarers telephone number - so a Parent directly voice contacts to arrange within 4 days their 1st 40-minute interview.

Read Nanny Industry articles I have written for Childcare Magazines and local newspapers:

1998 I was the first UK Nanny Agency to do a Nanny First Aid Course, meningitis Talks, work as a Nanny talks in my Croydon Shop and annual Teddy Bear Picnic. 2005 I  moved  office to Beckenham High Street and started Christmas Cake Afternoons with me (Debbie) as Nanny Christmas for our Nannies and Children care for in Beckenham Civic Hall. We follow UK (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulations and practice Equal Opportunity, keep conversations confidential and treat Childcarers and Parents with respect.

Understandably Parents want to avoid paying a genuine Nanny Agency like us £hundreds or £thousands in fees so to help I introduced my low-cost fee structure as neither is it wise to risk using online websites like Facebook or (£360 pa cost). Childcarers don't feel safe finding work online either. Frankly, they are just a 21st Century Sweet Shop Noticeboard where dishonest and devious people who don’t want to be vetted can advertise themselves and easily create a fake Nanny past job CV to ask for the highest rates.

Sadly, Parents and Childcarers have told us of serious and minor issues affecting Children`s safety and happiness. We put Child protection first.

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