Welcome to Little Masters and Misses

My name is Debbie (NNEB),


I worked for 8 years as a Nanny then in 1985 started this daily Nanny and Evening Babysitting Service in South London, Surrey and Kent. We have just let 400 Childcarers know of our new 2022 service to them.

Childcarers for FREE

How our Family Service works

  • Childcarers view your Permanent and/or Temporary Daily Nanny or Evening Babysitter Job Vacancy and voice telephone us to apply.

  • We check their experience and suitability for the role.

  • If we have Interviewed and Reference checked and may suit we email a Parent a CV Report on their Childcare experience and Gross per hour rate expectation.

  • A family considers them for a 1st Telephone Voice Interview

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We are no longer involved: 

  • After a Parent emails us to give their telephone number to a Childcarer.

  • A home address is given by a Parent to a Childcarer after their telephone interview if they want to interview them in person.

  • All interview times, salary, contract and job offer discussions are between a Parent and Childcarer.

Debbies Top Tips if you seek a permanent Nanny:

  1. Register with us ideally 10 weeks before the start date to allow us time to advertise your job.

  2. Allow 4 weeks to interview Childcarers, reference check, complete job offer and contract process.

  3. Allow for a Childcarers usually 4 week current employer notice.

If you find a Childcarer elsewhere:

For FREE within 12 months you can re-register to advertise for either a Nanny or Babysitter as we are keen 2022 to display lots of jobs.


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A Nanny:

  • Is employed to give one to one care in a child's home where parents generally go out of to work. 

  • Cares for at least 1 child under school age and their siblings.

Most Nannies:


  • Choose childcare as their 1st choice career.

  • Seek work for 8 - 12 hours Monday to Friday.

  • Seek work within the hours of 7 am up to 7 pm.

  • Seek a minimum 1-year contract, many prefer to stay 2 - 3 years.​


Benefits of employing a Nanny:

  • Older siblings are cared for outside of school hours or if ill.

  • You can employ a Nanny for 1 up to 5 days per week.​


A Nanny is paid a Gross per hour rate:


  • As work varied hours from £8 up to £16 per hour gross.

  • The Gross rate is based on their childcare qualification and the number of years worked in Childcare and in which sector.

  • Experienced Nannies earn from £12 per hour gross.

  • Non - experienced Nannies earn up to £11 per hour gross from their minimum wage guideline.

  • The Net (take-home) rate is after deducting PAYE Tax.

  • An employer must HMRC register them for PAYE Tax deductions.

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