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Welcome to Little Masters and Misses and hello my name is Debbie,

1985 in London (South) as a trained NNEB Nursery Nurse and after a wonderful 8-year career as a Nanny, I was licensed to run this Daily Nanny and Evening Babysitter Recruitment Agency. 

I have face to face interviewed over 700 Childcare Qualified and/or experienced Childcarers and placed with hundreds of families.


A Child's happiness comes first with my 37-year bespoke and traditional service run by Nannies and Employers of Nannies, together we offer peace of mind.

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Choosing the right permanent daily Nanny (or evening Babysitter) to care for your precious Baby or Child (ren) cannot be rushed as this is one of the biggest decisions a Parent can make and far more personal because they work in your family home and you will be passing across house keys.  

Due to all below I offer a"no catch low-cost Parent fee" because:

  • Other recruitment agencies charge Parents thousands yet many unfairly for just do a zoom interview.

  • So now many Parents seek Childcare on the impersonal labyrinth of Facebook and social media but then are often overcharged by Childcarers which can add thousands to the Employer's annual salary bill.

  • Unlike us an online-only business does not speak to, face-to-face interview, or reference check the people they represent to know are good Childcarers and sadly we know of Children and Childcarers hurt through.

I have a personal aim to help Parents (and Childcarers) not to resort to online text strangers.

 £25 - 3 month registration fee:

  • This includes an anonymous advert of your permanent or temporary Nanny 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 or 5-day week or evening Babysitter job vacancy on our Facebook and varied community social media forums. 

  • Childcarers view and telephone us to apply or we telephone Childcarers currently on our books to ascertain their interest.

£10 final and one-off placement fee for a CV Report and Childcarers

  • Even if a Childcarer is offered a job there are no further fees payable. Once emailed we are no longer involved and all discussions, interview times are agreed between a Parent and Childcarer.

  • The CV Report has an outline of a Childcarer's varied Childcarer experiences and which references we checked against each employment and their telephone number to contact directly for a 1st Telephone Interview and discuss the role.  At the end, both decide if progress to a Face to Face Interview which we advise to be within 3 days. If so the Parent (not us) gives the Childcarer their home address.

  • The final £10 fee is only paid after we telephone a Parent about a Childcarer interested in their job vacancy who is also within a Parents Gross per hour salary budget and they want to quickly contact.

We display jobs on our Facebook - send a friend request to Debbie Masters Misses.

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Childcarers we offer below an anonymous and FREE Available For Work Advert   Service that Parents can view for free.

  • Non - experienced Nannies can earn up to £13 per hour gross.

  • Experienced Nannies can earn from £13 - 18 per hour gross.

Debbie Top Tips

Based on 44 years of Nanny industry experience!

1. Traditionally most Parents find the right daily Nanny within interviewing 4 of our Childcarers therefore a maximum final fee of £40. 

2. Parents can expect the Childcarer to pay for their own DBS check, Paediatric First Aid and Childcare work Insurance.

3.  Most Parents want an experienced Nanny but struggle to budget up to £15 per hour Gross due to other additional Employer costs, we know this because we speak to daily.

4. Fewer years experienced Nannies is it fair or realistic to ask for a higher rate than many Nurses, trainee Drs, Elderly Carers, and Teachers with a 5-year training who have far more work responsibility earn - LMM use our commonsense when advising on gross hourly rates? 

5. If you seek a permanent Nanny please register with us at least 8 weeks before the start date. This allows for your job vacancy advertising,1st and 2nd face-to-face interviews, job offer, contract admin then a Childcarer's usual current Employer 4-week notice too.

Started in 1998: 

  • Childcarers contact Debbie June to join our lovely annual August Teddy Bear Park Picnic.

  • Childcarers contact Debbie November to join our annual Nanny Christmas Cake Party,

  • In 2001 we started a  Working as a Professional Nanny Training.

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