Welcome, my name is Debbie, 

I worked 8 years as a Nanny then in 1985 started Little Masters and Misses with an Employment Agency licence.


Today I am South-London, Kent and Surrey`s longest-reigning Nanny Agency owner. 


The happiness of Children, Nannies and families are at the heart of my service.


We post a printed brochure with more Nanny employment tips and offer:


  • Childcare qualified and work experienced people a FREE Find a Nanny Job Service.

  • Those who have never worked as a Nanny can book our Nanny Work Talk in Beckenham Civic Hall with guest Nanny industry speakers.

Most parents find the right Nanny within interviewing five Childcarers.


Nannies can join for £1 given to a Children's Charity our Teddy Bear Picnic and Christmas Cake Party.

The only role of Little Masters and Misses is to interview and for our records only reference check then introduce Nannies to Parents to interview.


We do not offer an email question and answer service but by telephone may offer general Nanny work advice or guide to a specialist organisation.

What is a Daily Nanny

  • A Nanny cares sole charge for at least 1 child under school age and older siblings.

  • Parents generally leave to go to work although increasingly may work from home.

  • A Nanny works within the hours of  7 am to 7 pm an 8 -12 hour day Monday to Friday.

  • Parents pay a higher gross per hour rate for a Nanny to give their child one to one care.

  • Most Nannies choose Childcare as their 1st choice career and do a 2-year Childcare course.

  • Most Nannies seek a one year contract but prefer to work 2 - 5 years for a family.

  • A Nanny can work varied 6 - 12 hour days so are paid by the hour.

  • Dependent on the sector and years of work in Childcare a Nanny can earn from £8 up to £16 gross per hour. ​ Read more salary information in Cost, Tax and Contract


A parent seeking a Nanny

  • Please telephone us ideally 10 weeks before needing a Nanny to start. This allows time to advertise and personally interview, reference check and their current employer notice.

  • We email a 1-page registration form to complete then read to check we can still help.

  • If so we invoice for our advance one-off, maximum and final £99 fee.

The £99 fee is for:


  1. We only introduce face to face interviewed and reference checked Nannies. 

  2. Nanny Job Vacancy Advert in one service on our website Nanny Job Notice Board.

  3. Nannies check daily for new jobs and apply for your vacancy by telephone to Little Masters and Misses. 

  4. In your advert, we do not state names, contact details or confidential information just a child age (s), pet, days, hours, start date and landmark place 5 minutes from your family home.

  5. LMM check their suitability and discuss in brief parent form points such as any specific routine, dietary or special need not put in the advert that we display until found a Nanny. 

  6. If we believe to be a good candidate and within a parent maximum gross per hour budget (never told a Nanny) we email a Parent their CV Report to consider for an interview.

  7. Childcarers applying that we have not past interviewed we arrange an interview then do 3 reference checks which can take up to 5 working days.

  8. Nannies, we have past interviewed and reference checked we update their CV Report within 2 working days.​​

  9. When sent a CV Report we wait for up to 3 office days for a parent to give us email permission (or not) to give a Nanny their telephone number for a 1st Telephone Voice Interview. The Nanny is expected within 24 hours to voice (not text) telephone to explain their childcare experience and so a Parent can explain the Nanny Job in more detail.


LMM is no longer involved from this point:


  • All interview times, salary, contract, job offer discussions are between a Parent and Nanny. 

  • Both the Parent and Nanny will need to email us after each Telephone, 1st, and 2nd Interview stage so we know if a Nanny progresses or not to:

1st face to face interview - parent arranges a time and gives Nanny their home address. 

2nd face to face interview - for about 2 hours to meet the Child (ren) and all the family.

Nanny Job Offer - LMM needs email permission to take down a Notice Board Nanny Job or file a Nannies CV Report and this gives LMM the opportunity to congratulate.