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   Have you Noticed ?

  1. How other Nanny Agencies do not website display their Parent fee. That is because they often charge when offering a Nanny job through a Nanny employer £1000`s !

  2. Since 2020 websites have popped up by people who have no experience running a Nanny Agency whilst running down good agencies. Facebook, today I can't work out what is or is not a reputable Nanny Agency.

  3. My fee is very low compared to other services. It is so we can compete with the internet and Facebook sites that do not speak to, face to face interview or reference check people they introduce to vulnerable babies and children and new Nanny Agencies that only do an impersonal zoom chats !

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What is a Nanny ?

Hello, I am Debbie,


37 years ago I started this daily Nanny and evening Babysitter Service and to keep my Employment Agency Licence was inspected which does not happen today.

We help for FREE Childcare qualified and/or Childcare work experience people and despite the fashion to do casual Zoom interviews we continue and will only introduce people we have interviewed face to face and done a minimum of 3 reference checks on.


I have interviewed face to face over 500 Nannies and Babysitters and placed them in 1000`s of jobs. Previously for 8 years, I loved working as a Nanny and today I am South London`s longest-reigning Nanny Agency owner. For 20 years my business was Croydon shop based and for the past 17 years in Beckenham High St.

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Since 1985 I have only employed in my office experienced Nannies and Nanny Employers who understand how overwhelming it can be for a Parent to find the right Childcarer to work in their home and care for their baby or child (ren) or job.

We are experts in the introduction of Nannies and Babysitters and have a proven 37-year history of doing so successfully to hundreds of families.That was achieved because we listen to both Parent's and Childcarers needs and support with giving correct and realistic advice. Our aim is for your interviews and job offers to happen quickly.


My Service Parent Fee:

  1. You choose either a £50 for 6 months or £75 for a 1-year registration fee. 

  2. Then you pay a £25 final fee for the CV Report of a Childcarer we telephone you about. This has their telephone number to directly contact them. 

Parent Registration and CV Report Benefits

  • During registration, we can display for free on our website a Parent advert for a permanent or temporary daily Nanny which can be for a 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1-day week contract or an evening Babysitter and as often as either need arise.

  • Childcarers view daily for new jobs and telephone us to be introduced to a family.

  • The CV Report £25 fee is only paid after we telephone you about a Childcarer and you want to interview them. We advise you to telephone within 24 hours and after both decide if happy to book asap a 40 - 60 minute 1st Face to Face Interview and if so a Parent gives their home address.  The CV Report also includes their childcare work history and experiences, which references we checked and their minimum gross (approx.) and net per hour rate expectation.

  • Once a CV Report is emailed we are no longer involved and all discussions on gross per hour salary, contract duties, job offers, agreements and acceptance are between a Parent and Childcarer. 

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  • A Nanny cares sole charge for at least 1 child under school age in the family home.

  • Usually, both parents leave to go to work which years experienced Nannies prefer but increasingly may work from home.

  • A Nanny is a convenient and cost-effective choice if there are older siblings. 

  • A Nanny does Child-related daily housekeeping duties and Child ironing. 

  • Nannies work varied hours so are paid a gross per hour rate.

  • It is fair that the per hour rate is based on the number of years of work in Childcare and which sector worked in.

  • Experienced Nannies earn from £11 up to £15 per hour gross. 

  • few with up to 30 years of Nanny experience may earn above to approx 318 per hour gross.

  • Non - Experienced Nannies earn in their first year from the minimum wage up to £11 per hour gross. 

  • £10 per hour Net (approx. £13 per hour gross) is fairest paid to those who have worked over 5 years as a Nanny.

Both started in 1998 we soon offer again our:

  1. Be a Better Nanny Talks - we have 37 years of Nanny industry knowledge for those who have not worked as a Nanny before to benefit from. We call a talk not training as we are not qualified to offer a training certificate.

  2. Telephone us to book to join our 2022 Annual Summer Teddy Bear Picnic.

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