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First Aid


Paediatric First Aid has to be re-taken every 3 years, is paid for by the Nanny and is required for Ofsted Registration.

The course must include dealing with emergencies, resuscitation of Babies and Children, anaphylactic and electric shock, choking, burns and fractures. 

Any Nanny in an interview without a current certificate we advise next week to book and provide three services below to consider contacting:

Prices vary for 1 and 2-day courses and certificates are sent directly to the Nanny, please let each of the below organisations know we introduced you to them if you telephone or complete a form.


1998 until 2015 Little Masters and Misses was the first Nanny Agency to start our own British Red Cross Saturday Paediatric First Aid Course.

I am proud to say hundreds of Nannies completed and enjoyed.


Nanny Insurance

Little Masters and Misses and Parents should expect the Nanny to pay for their own Nanny Insurance from about £65 per year:


DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service


View or telephone 0300 0200 190

A Parent should be aware unlike Little Masters and Misses the DBS and Ofsted organisations and many online Childcare services do not meet, interview or reference check Childcarers so cannot be viewed as a good character or childcare work reference and a DBS Certificate is only valid up to the last date of issue.​

The DBS organisation only aims to identify those who may have past harmed or proved to be unsuitable to work with vulnerable children and young people. 


The UK Home Office carries out DBS checks on the background of a person with information records held on the Police National Computer, Department of Health, local Police Force and Department for Education and Employment. Information that could be disclosed would be all convictions, including those spent, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on. The DBS replaced 2013 the CRB check system.


In the interest of Child protection, we believe the Nanny should pay for the DBS Annual Update Check Service at £13 per year.

  • The Nanny can use the online DBS information from one Nanny job to the next.

  • The Nanny has to give access permission to a potential new  Employer to view so they can make an informed recruitment decision.

  • The Nanny can check registration progress, renew automatically, add or remove a certificate and see who’s looked or if any information has changed

There are three levels of DBS checks:​

Nannies, Evening Babysitters and Childcarers fit into a category of people who will be eligible for checks at an 'Enhanced Level with Barred List'. 


Ofsted Voluntary Register scheme

View or telephone 0300 123 1231 for advice.

Employing a Nanny is the most expensive form of childcare and few parents can gross budget for so many Employers on a job offer will request the Nanny to register. The Employer pays the current £105 annual fee as offers a possible Tax Allowance of £50 per week that is required by the government to be used towards the cost of Employing a Nanny and assists with the form. 

A Nanny cannot apply unless they have an up-to-date Paediatric First Aid Certificate, Annual DBS, and Nanny Insurance and allow 10 weeks to register.

Nanny Note: Ofsted was not introduced to benefit Nannies to ask for a higher per-hour gross rate but to help the majority of parents who do struggle as weekly TV news, radio, and newspaper reports to pay out of their own salaries childcare costs. Nannies can choose but may forfeit a job offer not to be Ofsted registered.

​The Ofsted Voluntary Registration Certificate is issued by the government Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills and Ofsted ad-hock inspects varied Childcare services e.g. Nannies, School, Nursery or Registered Childminder where babies and young children are cared for.​

1. Standard (basic) Level

2. Enhanced Level

3. Enhanced Level with Barred List

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