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Parents want to feel reassured a Childcarer caring for their Child (ren) takes this job responsibility seriously. A huge proportion of their decision to consider a person rests on the first minutes of telephone speaking and in how they present themselves when arrive for their:

1st Face-to-Face Interview:


  • To be in the family home for about 40 - 60 minutes.

  • With the Child (ren) - if seek a Temporary Nanny or Evening Babysitter.

  • Without curious Child (ren) - if seek a Permanent Daily Nanny as a 2 - 3 hour 2nd Interview during the day with the Children to do a 20-minute craft or game activity for a Parent to see in a more relaxed way how a Childcarer communicates and plays with their Child (ren) is needed and in a more relaxed way, the Nanny gets to know all the family and Children can show their bedroom, toys, garden and play areas.

It is helpful a Parent and Childcarer:


  • Have a written checklist of points you want to cover in the interview.

  • Parents paper print off the Childcarers LMM CV Report to discuss their Childcare work and qualification experience and write notes on.




  • The length of their Childcare Qualification training.

  • Contract points clearly and with flexibility. 

  • The Child-related Nanny housekeeping duties as difficult to add in after the start.

  • Contract length. Understandably a Parent may be worried due to the high cost of employing a Nanny committing to a 1 year contract and to reduce their Childcare costs have their youngest Child on a Day Nursery list. If so it is fairest to mention to LMM that possibility as most Nannies are also worried about paying their bills so seek a 1-year contract and are devastated and stressed if were not forewarned and find out after starting if a Child a few months in get a Nursery place. For LMM this scenario is not a problem as we have Nannies happy to do a minimum 3 - 6-month contract, many will extend to continue as long as you need but if not we can easily introduce a 2nd Nanny, we understand not ideal but fairer to a lovely Nanny.

  • How the Child (ren) spends their day and the activities enjoy with Nanny contributing craft and activity ideas of how will plan their day.

  • How Parents want Nanny to approach discipline and house rules on the Child (re)n watching TV and playing technology games.

  • In a calm, and matter-of-fact way the Gross per hour rate each aim for and how the Employer will deduct the PAYE Tax and NI. 


Top Tips for Childcarers


  • Parents naturally will seek a Childcarer to set their Child a reasonable example in their dress, hygiene, and spoken English so a Childcarers personal choices can affect and influence their Child. Wear a casual but smart version of what you would wear for work as Parents want to imagine you down on the floor, playing with their Children so high heels and short skirts won't give them the impression they want.

  • If you do not arrive punctually or at all or to an agreed work day this is unprofessional and upsets Parents who may privately on WhatsApp groups or social media warn other Parents of unreliable and unpunctual people.

  • Offer your passport as identification.

  • Offer a interview folder displaying from the front your most recently dated Childcare Qualification Certificate (s), Childcare written references, DBS, Childcare Work Insurance, Ofsted Certificates with school and out-of-date certificates at back.

  • Offer and only accept to do Child-related housekeeping duties.

  • Explain the Childrens meals you can cook to a reasonable standard, ask about their meal-eating habits, naps, and allowed snacks. 


Job Offer, Reference Checks and Contract:


  • Voice telephone a Nanny to Offer a Job as reassuring to hear a delighted acceptance reaction to know both are making the right decision.  We also voice telephone the Nanny to check are truly happy with the contract hours and Gross per-hour rate offered. 

  • It is a registration condition a Parent does to their own satisfaction Reference Checks. Ask the Childcarer for phone numbers of past Employers who know personally (unlike LMM) and ask if they were punctual, reliable, honest, gave good general Child care and if Children were happy.

  • By law the Employer is responsible within 8 weeks of a job offer to provide a written Contract that both sign either before start or after a 4 - 6 week agreed probationary if asked to stay on, during pay weekly and have a end-of- each week discussion without either taking offense to resolve minor points.

Parents should expect Childcarers to pay for:

  • Paediatric First Aid Certificate - every 3 years and required for Ofsted Registration. Contact the British Red Cross - view -The First Aid Team - view - St John Ambulance - view

  • DBS - Disclosure and Barring Service (police check) - enhanced check at £13 annually, view"> The DBS has information about them held on the Police National Computer, Department of Health, local Police Force, and Department of Education and Employment. Records can include convictions including those spent, cautions, reprimands, and warnings.

  • Daily Nanny and Evening Babysitter Work Insurance - view and,cost approx. £70 per year.

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